Welcome to SKUE,

We put our expertise at your service to ensure you an unparalleled surf experience. Our handboards make it easier to experiment with new rides and you’ll soon get the taste for new surfing sensations.

We are committed to providing all the necessary rigor in the creation of our products.
All our boards are handmade. Our quality equipment is perfectly crafted to offer you the best results in terms of buoyancy, weight, hydrodynamics and performance.

Don’t wait, join us to live a real bodysurfing experience before you miss the best waves! 


SKUE is a French brand dedicated entirely to bodysurfing, the most exiting of surf sports.  It is inspired its inspiration by a Favelas located on the coast of Casablanca where riding the waves is a part of life.

Nowadays, we yearn to return to our roots and seek a closer relationship with nature and the ocean. We’ve never felt so small and humble faced with the greatness and power of the ocean.

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